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The fact that most people sleep an average of eight hours a night means that your mattress is one of the most used items in your home. No wonder it is so important to know what to look for when buying a new mattress. Knowing how to look after your mattress is equally as important. Here are a few tips to help you.

Tips on buying a mattress

Comfort. Mattresses do not have to be as hard as a board to be good for you, though some people may prefer a firmer feel. Contemporary mattresses are built with luxurious new cushioning materials and surface treatments. While these mattresses may feel plusher, the core provides necessary support for your body.

Support. A quality mattress and foundation gently support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same position as good standing posture. When selecting a mattress, keep in mind that it should support your spine’s natural curve while allowing your body to relax.

Space. Select a mattress that provides enough room for free, easy movement, especially if you're sleeping with a partner. Couples should select a queen or king size mattress to ensure that both individuals have enough space to feel comfortable.

Durability. Durability refers to how long support and comfort will continue. Like all products, a mattress and its foundation gradually wear out. Eventually, you won't receive the same support and comfort as you did when the sleep set was new. That is why you should re-evaluate your set twice a year. Do not look to the warranty to tell you how long to keep your sleep set. The warranty protects you against products defects and workmanship mistakes, not inevitable gradual wear and tear.

Matching sleep sets. Matching mattresses and foundations are engineered to work together. Mismatching sets by putting a new mattress on an old foundation can impede comfort and reduce the useful life of the mattress.

Value. Buy only quality products made with all new materials. Shopping for the best value — not the lowest price — is a healthy investment in your quality of life.

Do’s and don’ts

Always turn mattress end-to-end and upside down at least six times during the first three months of use. Turn once every three months thereafter .

Always keep your bedding clean. Using a mattress pad is recommended.

Insist on a genuine foundation. Never bend or fold your mattress.

Do not stand or jump on your mattress as it is not built for that kind of weight concentration.

Mattresses: All You Need To Know
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