How a good sleep is essential to good health

In order for our bodies to live to be 100 we require a well balanced lifestyle. A good night sleep is essential to recharge our energy reserves, regenerate body cells and tissues. In other words, at the end of the day you need time to rest and heal. While you sleep your heartbeat slows down along with your breathing, your growth hormones peak, muscles relax and your body temperature lowers. It is certainly a sophisticated process carefully regulated through our brains with valuable restorative properties for both physical and mental health well being

How a bad night sleep can cause poor health

In the short term, a bad night sleep usually has little physical harm, since the body compensates for this by increasing adrenaline levels during the day and habitually we tend to drink more coffee or caffeine induced substances. The result is somewhat of a dominos effect, where by a person will experience feelings of pessimism or negativity. It can also be dangerous when it comes to reflex and impulsive judgement when operating apparatus or machinery that requires a level of alertness beyond the norm. This could be the only way a bad night sleep could have immediate danger physically and responsible of any danger to others.

How physically you are affected by poor sleep

Someone who is experiencing irregular sleep patterns or lack of sleep on an ongoing basis is affecting short-term attention spans, memory loss and other symptoms that pertain to overall human functionality. As a result, obesity, premature aging, chronic fatigue, increased risk for diabetes, infection, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal disease all can be caused by poor sleep. In addition to these poor sleep causing problems, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to paranoia and/or hallucinations. Therefore creating a ripple effect on the body’s ability to be balanced chemically and emotionally leading way to a poor lifestyle overall

Facts about sleep
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